2012 Update

August 26th, 2012 No comments

Ya…we’ve heard it all before so lets just jump in shall we?

General Life:

  • Getting my first house soon, woot!
  • Still trying but still sucking at attracting the womenz.  As best as I can really figure I just have the kind of personality that women aren’t romantically interested at first glance, then think is great and should be totally date-able after getting to know more, but by that point they are attached or have personally relegated me to their friend-zone, but oh I’m such a good guy I should have trouble finding someone. :p


  • Still working for Abstrakt Marketing Group
  • Still solo IT Manager
  • Not as underpaid(Yay!)


  • The age of Aion has passed, I’m currently playing SWTOR with local friends in the 42nd Detachment guild and Guild Wars 2.
  • Tons of solo games building up in my Steam queue.


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Tron: Legacy

February 12th, 2011 No comments

So I went to see Tron: Legacy recently, the release day in fact but, well we know how my posting can be right?  I started this draft on Jan 3 apparently >_>.

I was fairly stoked to start with and decided to create an open FB event for my friends to join.  I set it as open so that rather than send a salvo of event updates to everyone on my list, many of whom would have looked on it with the same disinterest and mild annoyance that such actions deserve, I could instead broadcast into the status update space.  People would still see it as they casually scrolled down the feed but they wouldn’t get annoying email notifications and the like.  I also decided I wanted to do things up right and included an open invitation for people to come by the apartment before the movie for a reviewing of the first Tron so that it would be fresh for those who hadn’t seen it in a while and so those who had never gotten to it could go into the new one with all the back story.  Pizza and soda were of course also to be provided.  Subsequently dealing a heavy blow to the theater’s bottom line I am sure.

So what did I think?  In a word, … excellent. Read more…

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Christmas Gifts & New Year’s Resolutions

January 3rd, 2011 No comments

A late merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone!

I simply must start taking time for these posts, its part of my new years resolution list after all…again. >_>

I’m recently returned from a 3 day new years LAN.  The theme was Serious Sam but we played much more.  I’m happy to report good times were had by all, but we all have work so it had to wrap up.

Of course like everyone else I have my own list of things I’d like to get done but most certainly will not, so without further ado…

Read more…

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Hope’s An Odd Thing

December 23rd, 2010 No comments

While it springs eternal and is good to have, it doesn’t always have much foundation supporting it.  The hope that I’d be more consistent updating this blog being a good example of that.

Really I have no one to blame but myself at this juncture.  Honestly, particularly the last month or two … I just don’t know, something about my mental setup has led to some serious self sabotage.  I just can’t seem to focus the way I need to be productive and its killing me both in work and play productivity.  I’m trying to fight it but damn if the drives fueling it aren’t strong.  I just wish I knew why I was being like this…

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Returning Again After Another Long Abscence

June 21st, 2010 No comments

Once again I return after being away for a pretty good stretch. Apologies to my few readers, at least its an easy blog to keep up with eh? ;p

Hmm…well a lot has happened since my last post, that’s for sure, some of which I will scape goat as reasoning for the draught of updates.

First we have work. SalesForce has continued to be a thorn in my side but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve created and are on track for an end of month deadline for converting our current clients. After that its just a matter of ironing out some of our processes and starting to learn more about the platform and improving our configuration.

Second was turmoil in the legion. In short our top level people cliqued up, jumped ship suddenly, dragging others with them, and made their own legion. This, particularly taking into account chain reaction leaves in the days after, hit the legion pretty hard and was particularly a punch to the gut for me.

I take the idea of legion as a family/large friend group to heart so all those people just leaving all of the sudden and with no real reason stated(no reason with any more meaning than “going in different directions”). Was, for me as legion leader, like a bunch of good friends suddenly turning their backs and rejecting me. It really hurt deep, still kind of does, a bit of RP actually caused me to have a short lived breakdown due to similarities in the situation.

So it took me some time to really get over that. Thankfully a number of those who stuck with the legion stepped up as vocal supporters and friends, it was thanks to them more than anything that I was able to pull back up out of the depression and march forward.

Ah…but so ya anyway. The legion, and for the most part I, are back on our feet and things are generally looking up accross the board in life so hopefully you can look forward to more frequent posts. I have a backlog of topic ideas from before the hiatus and new ones streaming in so that won’t be a problem at least here’s to hope’n. *crossed fingers*

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DoS Cranks It To 11!!!

April 26th, 2010 No comments

In the short time since my last post the disciples have kicked it up a notch and soared from rank 38 to 31 and 30 is well within reach! Probably my shortest post yet but so exciting!

Disciples of Shadow is Rocking Lumiel RP and PvP

April 23rd, 2010 No comments

As of this posting I am proud to say that DoS is ranked 38th on the Lumiel PvP ladder and that we have the initiates in the pipe put us at 90 members, the max currently allowed in Aion, and though we have let some respectful non-rpers in because they are great and fun people the rpers outweigh them by far so we have a solid presence in the RP community, even though I manage to remain largely reclusive.

Well thats it, just wanted to get a post in and I was really excited about those two things so a status update seemed appropriate.

Seems I Lied Eh?

March 5th, 2010 No comments

So I’ve sadly made a lier of myself. Work has just been endless crazy since the move. Lots of new clients and changes to implament, figuring out where we are going with salesforce, and my normal duties makes for a very busy day.

And for my evenings I’ve done an excelent job of draining all my time into hulu and my Aion RP legion, Disciples of Shadow, which is proving to be a great success. We are currently ranked 51 for Lumiel server and rising fast.

I don’t know maybe I should try focusing more on smaller or more free form posts like this rather than article style ones on set topics.

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A Return to Regular Posts

February 6th, 2010 No comments

… I hope.  Sorry I’ve been away empty abyss of the internet!  The company I work for has semi merged with another one (We are keeping our separate corporate identities and systems but sharing costs and some resources.) and we moved locations end of last week, 1/28.  Everyone pitched in for much of the physical move but the technical stuff and servers were left entirely to me.

It was a rough couple days that pretty much burned me out to where I didn’t do anything over the weekend and I mean anything, I spent the whole time eating or laying in bed sleeping and watching hulu.  This week hasn’t been that much better.

No super late nights, though I’ve stayed after hours more than my share, and all the important systems are up and running but as expected there are the odd hiccups to be cleared out and nonessential systems and tasks to be taken care of.  Our mail room is kind of jury rigged into working order with wires and cables running around in disarray and equipment hooked in wherever convenient rather than in their final positions.

Nonetheless as a result I just haven’t felt like I had the spare time and have slacked on my blog writing in favor of more pure pursuits of enjoyment like Aion and Star Trek Online.  Don’t worry though, I have numerous subject drafts I’ve been working on waiting to be made into proper posts for publishing.  I haven’t run out of things to talk about yet 😉

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Twitter as an Alternative Form of RSS

January 15th, 2010 No comments

So traditionally I am fairly anti-twitter, at least as it is often used, the bird below summing up my thoughts on the subject quite nicely. It just doesn’t work for me, I have enough of a time keeping up with the data I want and actively seek out, I don’t need to be spending further time sifting through the sea of endless inane drivel some people end up posting to fill up the space between their interesting notes, I really just don’t need to know how awesome the burger at lunch was or how wasted you were last night. I also have no real interest in subjecting others to the same from me. So aside from saving a name on the system in case it became one of those things you simply had to have as part of society I haven’t done anything with twitter up to now.

Twitter Nobody Cares Shirt

Read more…

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