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Tron: Legacy

February 12th, 2011 No comments

So I went to see Tron: Legacy recently, the release day in fact but, well we know how my posting can be right?  I started this draft on Jan 3 apparently >_>.

I was fairly stoked to start with and decided to create an open FB event for my friends to join.  I set it as open so that rather than send a salvo of event updates to everyone on my list, many of whom would have looked on it with the same disinterest and mild annoyance that such actions deserve, I could instead broadcast into the status update space.  People would still see it as they casually scrolled down the feed but they wouldn’t get annoying email notifications and the like.  I also decided I wanted to do things up right and included an open invitation for people to come by the apartment before the movie for a reviewing of the first Tron so that it would be fresh for those who hadn’t seen it in a while and so those who had never gotten to it could go into the new one with all the back story.  Pizza and soda were of course also to be provided.  Subsequently dealing a heavy blow to the theater’s bottom line I am sure.

So what did I think?  In a word, … excellent. Read more…

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